Working on Snowfallen v1.1

Last week I released my new game Snowfallen. It was the result of a 7-day challenge. As such the game was rather simple and not too complex (yet fully playable). I did not plan to invest more time into it but I had so much fun designing the game that I decided that it deserved a few updates.

So, I am currently working on the first v1.1 update.

Snowfallen v1.1

My main concern about the 7-day version was the lack of decision making. Due to time constraints I had to rush a few things. For example there is only one weapon, one armor type and you level up by collecting stars. Those things are all no-brainers. There is no reason not to use the sword +7 instead of the sword +3. Also, there is no reason not to collect a fallen star of strength. Basically once you get used to the game you end up making the same decisions every time. That is not good game design.

Therefore the main focus of v1.1 is decision diversity. The new features include

  • More weapon types with different advantages and disadvantages
  • More armor types (same as above)
  • More healing items
  • A new game element: Poems! Read a poem to your foes and cast a firestorm or teleport to another map.
  • Action Diversity: Different move and attack times depending on armor, monster type or active effects.

I also redesigned most of the user interface elements. You can now use a fully functional inventory system with tooltips.

Snowfallen v1.1 Inventory Screen

There is still enough work to be done. I am planning to release the new version in January. So, stay tuned.

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